“Who We Are” Fountain Of Hope is a Non-profit Organization that was established in since January 2010. FOH was founded by Marcel Cirhuza a survivor of war and armed conflicts from the Eastern of the Democratic Republic of Congo. After fleeing from his home country Marcel spent over 10 years in Dzaleka Refugee Malawi Southern Africa. With the aim of Improving lives of under served especially Women and Children at Risk.                                                         

The purpose of Fountain of Hope is to contribute building resilient communities and promote sustainable development by empowering the most vulnerable. The number of under-served people is increasing daily in the Sub-Sahara region due to war, armed conflicts, climate change, lack of good leadership, pandemic and natural disaster… 

This has made us understand that it is our responsibility to get involve and contribute to come up with the solution by undertaking projects that change people lives to better

Transforming Thinking Transforming Lives

Being closer to those we serve makes as understand the problems they are facing and what they need as solution, this makes us provide high standard and sustainable services.

   A passionate team that aims to experience the positive changes of the lives of those we serve. With staff members who understand that success is measured based on the impact made.[/bsf-info-box][/vc_column_inner]


We serve even in the toughest geographic areas, we challenge ourselves by believing that every human in need should be helped regardless of their challenging accessibility

Emergency Solutions

Even in unexpected situation that puts others at risk like war, natural disasters, pandemic… we develop faster interventions that help to alleviate the risks of the affected communities

Our Services


Entrepreneurship to end un poverty

By giving local entrepreneurs access to capital we empower them to create jobs, produce food, boost their economy and wealth for their own communities. 

Women Empowerment

Women have a very limited access to capital and opportunities in most of low income communities

Some communities still believe that women can not do great achievements like, that is why we prioritize  them by promoting access to resources and support them to build resilience and make unbelievable changes.

96% of the beneficiaries of our Micro-Loans program are women and 60% of them are from women led households. 

Building Resilient communities

After being effected by war, armed conflicts, pandemic and many other negative circumstances.

We Educate, Empower and Encourage the most affected and help them the become resilient with sustainable solutions.

Contribute to alleviate Clean Water Crisis

More than 320 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to safe drinking water. More than quarter of the sub-Saharan African population spend more than half an hour per trip to collect water. In most countries the task of fetching water is a women’s responsibility, this huge burden contributes also to prevent girls from attending school.

As our contribution to accomplish the Global Goal 6, we help low income communities to access safe drinking water by installing water points.

Food Production

Heathy women and men for  a future powerful and developed society. 

It is our passion to empower low income communities to be able to produce their own food and become self-sufficient.

It is never late

In most communities single mothers are considered like they have already failed for ever.

Fighting against that mindset we give them access to entrepreneurship and education opportunities that unable them to reorganize their lives and accomplish their vision

Our celebration is Success Based!

Why Work With Us

Our  approach human centered. Fountain Of Hope develops solutions with the only purpose of transforming the lives of those in need to better. Our approach brings all individuals, communities, partners and all other stakeholders to the main goal of contributing to change as many lives as with sustainable and adapted solutions. Every support we get goes directly to those we serve and makes a great impact.

Goal Driven Team

We build a qualified team that delivers the right services to those we serve.  We celebrate the positive changes made on others lives

The assessment of each team member is result based, which mean his/her best contribution to the improvement of the lives of underserved communities.

Girls Empowerment

By providing live stock raising skills and loans, we create opportunities for girls as part of gender equality by supporting them to become self-reliant and build a bright future.

In many Sub-Saharan countries girls are access to opportunities are very restricted

where there are believes like domestic animal should belong to men only

Women Financial independence

To contribute to the socio-economic development we provide Business and Entrepreneurship literacy, and capital to lower income communities as a ticket for them to use their capacity to become self-reliant.


All our actions and initiatives are conceived and implemented to bring positives changes on the lives of underserved communities 

Fleeing persecution from Burundi I arrived in Dzaleka refugee camp Malawi with my five children and nothing else after losing my husband and everything during the armed conflicts. I was hopeless because I had no food for my children, I was crying day and night and was traumatized. I have been realized since I received money from Fountain Of Hope and started my business that is helping me a lot with my children. I am happy now.

Josiane Mukanyonga

Cash Transfer beneficiary

My husband passed away and left me with four children and an unroofed house. We have been suffering a lot during the rain season. Now I have bought iron sheets for the roofing of our house from the cash transferred by Fountain Of Hope. (Dorika Moyo)

Fountain Of Hope is a relief for our children who could not find a place in school, this school started like miracle, I could not believe, my daughter is lucky. John Paul father of Lucy (one of our students at Dzaleka camp MALAWI)
  Since our father passed died by accident we lost hope because none could help to pay for our school fees. Three of my siblings are blind and their education is very expensive, our mother can not afford, we thank Fountain Of Hope for helping with tuition fees and school materials. 

Ethel Mdala (Secondary School sponsorship beneficiary, Malawi)

Our reputation is the proof!

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